Yes! Our platform is designed to match operations of any scale & size. ​

Synchronise with unmatched features

To serve & accomplish a particular purpose in the overall goal, every aspect of the platform is designed with muscle to harbour convenience & scale.

Easy To Use

A step by step, one click E-filing and reconciliation process that is simple and quick. With our mobile friendly UI, you can even file your returns on the go.

Fast And Accurate Processing

Accuracy is everything with numbers. We ensure an error-free & on-time filing of your returns.

Real Time Tracking

With an easily accessible cloud based repository, you can check the status of your filings and reports anytime, anywhere.

Automated Process

An end-to-end automated E-filing and reconciliation process using the finest technology available.

Dedicated Support System

A quick and around the clock customer support system for all your doubts and clarifications.

AI Powered Tools

Our AI driven tools are simple and interactive, build to meet all the variables with taxation demands and requirements.


GST Engine

A powerful tool to harness refined specifics and convert it into validated data for a final submission.

E-filing (Monthly/Annual)

One click, Integrated and accurate processing of all types of GST Returns. Always up to date with Govt rules and regulations.


Automated and customisable Reconciliation rules for rightfully complying on claiming of ITC.

Litigation Management

Managing the notices and submission, seamlessly with transparency.

Refund Management

Supporting Businesses in complying with the Right GST Refund as per regulations.

VAS & Audit Support

Tracking the status of Filings and Reconciliation for the period and Supports with Audit and Litigation management. Various Variances Reports which help in analysing information from Executive to Top Management.

Tax Intelligence Platform (TIP)

An integrated analytical solution that uses data to derive intelligence for optimum utility.

Receivable Analytics

An analysis that helps measure a company’s liquidity, turnover ratio and movable assets to ensure financial security and accuracy for our customers.

Compliance Analytics

A comprehensive approach to yours and your vendor's compliances for minimum legal challenges, informed decision making, efficient operations and monitored vendor/customer behaviour.

Logistics Analytics

An effective support system to help cut costs, identify resources and gain insight into operations and areas of improvement.

Spend Analytics

An insight into saving opportunities, risk management and performance by structuring and converting raw data into useful and trackable information.

Tailormade solutions to make P2P processes simple yet comprehensive. Our AI-based Invoice suite is transparent, error-free, cost-saving & hastens processes. It comes with an array of insights into Purchases, Spends, Compliance & much more, enabling smart and well-informed business decisions & cohering great vendor relationship.


Experience a whole new level of intuitiveness & accuracy, making the process of analyzing, managing spends & invoice payments seamless.

Supplier Connect

Build a network of suppliers that are compliant and performant. Reduce costs while building sustainable relationships with suppliers.

Invoice Processing Unit

Our AI-based IPU is designed to handle, manage, map, and maintain every data within invoices. Irrespective of the size of the inflow of invoices, make well-informed decisions with insights.

Buyer Connect

Slash human intervention at every point in the process. From validating the invoices, implementing 2-way/3-way checks, assigning compliance ratings, and working on invoice parking/posting.

ERP Cockpit

Manage your transactions effectively, bring in flexibility, and get a better purchase requisitioning system without investing in our new ERP.

ITC Recovery

Whether your vendors have tax liabilities or you have any discrepancies to be resolved, receive alerts & be rest assured that you are fully compliant.


Encourage all your suppliers to send you invoices digitally, and gain efficiency by receiving, validating, approving, and paying them digitally. Become the most digitized organization.

E-Way bill

Movement of goods now made simple, Our E-Way bill solution is completely embedded within your ERP system.

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There is always room for ‘more’. Our value added services helps businesses take quicker and better decisions, improve their cash-flow management and find solutions for pain areas/reports.

CFO Dashboard
  • Provides 360 degree view on compliances to the Top Management
  • Working capital And Fund Flow Status
  • Graphical Representation on Business Trend
Litigation Management
  • Track all the notices and submission made with details of next hearing
  • Progress Tracker on notices & submissions
  • Alert Mechanism on upcoming hearing
  • High Level contingent liability arising from all notices
  • Predictive Analysis using AI
Operational Reports
  • Host of operational reports providing insights on Compliances
  • Various ledger reports providing information across Financial years
  • ITC Availment reports with linkage to GSTR3B
  • Carry Forward Report helping to identify any previous unmatched credits now eligible to claim
  • Vendor level mismatch reports
Vendor and Customer Compliance Status
  • Vendor and customer level GSTIN status
  • Vendor and Customers Branch level registration status
  • Vendor and Customer Compliant status
  • Vendor and Customer IRN eligibility check